The K2C stewardship programme is focused on working with communal and private landowners to formally secure our critical catchments and important biodiversity areas in support of the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) and the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism’s (LEDET) biodiversity stewardship programmes. These catchment areas form part of South Africa’s Strategic Water Source Areas (SWSAs) where less than 8% of South Africa’s land surface provides more than 80% of South Africa’s water. Focal areas are centred around Kaapsehoop, Schoemanskloof, Graskop and Blyde in Mpumalanga and the Wolkberg (Haenertsburg) in Limpopo. A range of communal, private and corporate landowners are being targeted with a focus on improved management of these sites, formal declaration and the development of economic opportunities for rural communities. This work is focusses on the biodiversity stewardship model which is implemented throughout S

outh Africa. A strong focus of the project is to develop a stewardship programme within K2C and explore mechanisms to support the programme. The stewardship programme also has important links to the K2C learning framework and aims to provide support and training to the Environmental Monitors Programme through the K2C Maeba Forum. The implementing team consists of a Stewardship Coordinator and Stewardship Ecologist.

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Declaration support

Provision of support to all types of protected areas or conservation areas relating to the expansion of the protected area system and to ensure compliance with statutory requirements.

Key focus areas:

Biodiversity Stewardship