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These are all organisations or people in their private capacity who are interested in and concerned about the proposed development. It also includes all those people / groups who are likely to be affected by the proposed development in some way (positive / negative) at any level.  

I&APs are required to register as I&APs with the company conducting the EIA. EIAs are conducted by registered Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs).



All major developments and changes within the K2C region require, by law, the completion of a detailed EIA - Environmental Assessment.

In order to assist you with this, K2C has listed out a number of important aspects that needs to be included as well as a list of resources to assist you in completing this process and enacting on this legal requirement.


Environmental compliance refers to complying with South African environmental legislation. This specifically concerns the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998, as amended). The NEMA requires that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is conducted for which the “overarching purpose of the EIA process is to determine, assess and evaluate the consequences (positive and negative) of a proposed development, activity or project”. NEMA provides guidelines and clarity for the EIA process and the requirements for the different sectors (broad development categories e.g. agriculture and energy). Different types of development require different levels of assessment. There are three phases in the process: 1. Application or notification Phase; 2. Scoping Phase and 3. Impact Assessment Phase.

In the K2C Biosphere it is required that the K2C is registered as an Interested and Affected Party (I&AP) by the Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs) conducting EIA Processes.

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