Land under better management:

As part of the GEF Mainstreaming Programme, where the focus area is in the Ehlanzeni District of Mpumalanga, there is a target to achieve 35 000ha under stewardship and 30 000ha as part of Land Under Better Management (LUBM). LUBM is about helping landowners manage their land more effectively in order to support ecological functioning such as improving water absorption and reducing erosion. This will follow a process of engagement with willing land owners, helping them to develop a management plan for their land, bringing in specialists such as a rangeland ecologist to advise on best practices for grazing, building capacity with the land owners so that they can manage their land according to the management plan, and helping to unlock other supporting interventions.


In order to contribute to sustainability of the GEF Programmes in the K2C Landscape, the K2C site level design includes integration and support for the implementation of local and bioregional programmes within the K2C BR, which are contributing to the Wildlife Economy and Natural Resource Management Programme Outcomes and community empowerment strategies.

Socio-economic beneficiation:

The GEF Programmes investigates the economic and social benefits of cost effective partnerships for Protected Area (PA) management and Sustainable PA finance models. Models that strike a balance between state subsidies, and revenue generated through tourism, generation of green jobs, game sales, and other emerging potential income streams that are developed and implemented through partnerships for the National PA system and the buffer zones.

Development Planning