Interested & Affected Parties

Who are I&APs? These are all organisations or people in their private capacity who are interested in and concerned about the proposed development. It also includes all those people / groups who are likely to be affected by the proposed development in some way (positive / negative) at any level (e.g. directly or indirectly). I&APs are required to register as I&APs with the company conducting the EIA. EIAs are conducted by registered Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs).

How to register as an I&AP? This can be directly with the consulting firm if you would like to: A notification of the pending EIA will be placed in the media, usually in a local newspaper. The notice may also be placed at the site and any nearby shopping centre. As an I&AP, take note of the contact details and email / telephone the contact person to let them know you are interested in the EIA, participating / providing input. Make sure they acknowledge you (or your organisation) and put you on their register of I&APs. They will most likely ask you what your interest is.

Why should you register as an I&AP? If you don’t like the proposed development (or even if you do like it) or have any social or environmental concerns / queries, you should register as an I&AP. As an I&AP this is your opportunity to be kept informed of the process and access documents as they become available, as well as have your say about the proposed development. This is better than complaining after the fact! The more people / organisations that have input into the EIA the better, as this improves the validity of the process, provides a variety of different perspectives and helps guide the outcome (or record of decision) made by relevant department (provincial or national).

What is being done by the K2C?


To see a list of EIA currently undertaken in the K2C region, click HERE [database] COMJNG SOON