The logo for the K2C Biosphere Region comprises three mopani leaves (Colophospermum mopane). This tree is only found in specific areas in central Africa, and is the only universally representative species of the lowveld. However it has regional value and has therefore been used in our logo.

The two leaflets, compound leaves, on each of the three leaves used in the logo, have been arranged so that the space between the leaflets creates an image of a human - thus symbolising a person surrounded by their environment (the leaves and the spaces beyond).

Secondly the three leaves represent the three main functions of a biosphere region: Conservation, Development and Logistics.

Thirdly, the mopani leaves represent the value of the environment to humans and other animals, especially when used sustainably. The leaves and pods are a valuable food source to both domestic cattle and wild animals, often being one of the few plants with browse still available in the dryer months. Large caterpillars of the moth, Gonimbrasia belina, feed on the mopani leaves. These caterpillars are highly sought after by local communities as a protein supplement. The caterpillars are collected when abundant and dried and stored for the months to come.

Lastly the three leaves also represent the three biomes encompassed by the K2C Biosphere Reserve; the Grassland, Forest and Savanna.