MaB  Strategy 2015 - 2025

The MAB Programme with its WNBR constitutes an important and valuable partner and instrument for research and experimentation on the ground, to build knowledge on practice- based sustainable development and share it globally. Thanks to this practical approach, the MAB Programme supports the efforts of UNESCO Member States to address critical issues related to biodiversity, ecosystem services, climate change, and other aspects of global environmental change. Adopted by the MAB ICC at its twenty-seventh session, this MAB Strategy provides a comprehensive yet succinct framework to achieve these goals and contribute to the global Sustainable Development Goals. This MAB Strategy is developed in line with the UNESCO Medium-Term Strategy 2014-2021, the Seville Strategy and the Statutory Framework of the WNBR, and with due consideration for the recommendations emerging from the final evaluation of the MAP. The Strategic Objectives and Strategic Action Areas of this MAB Strategy will be implemented through the associated MAB Action Plan (to be presented to the Fourth World Congress on Biosphere Reserves in 2016), and their implementation will be assessed using a specific Evaluation Framework.

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