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Wildlands have partnered with K2C Biosphere Region to bring 2 of there sucessful projects - the Tree-preneur and Wastepreneur Programmes to the K2C Region.

These are proving highly successfully with a large number of trees grown by the communities and bartered with Wildlands as well as waste items collected and bartered too.


Ubuntu Earth is a programme that underwrites and builds on other Wildlands core programmes. It is founded on the principle that human wellbeing is directly dependent on environmental wellbeing.

uBuntu Earth addresses the change in values and thinking that is required to make these changes sustainable in the long-term.


Imagine a world where the poorest of the poor could feed themselves, clothe themselves, educate themselves, house themselves – by growing and bartering trees and collecting waste, all while conserving their natural environment and heritage.

The life changing work that Wildlands does is structured through seven programmes carried out across 12 Community Ecosystem Based Adaptation (CEBA) clusters in six provinces. Our programmes are complimentary and all contribute towards our core focus of building robust ecosystems that underwrite human wellbeing and sustainable development. They are focused areas of intervention aimed at sustainable natural resource use and the development of a green economy.

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