Partnering to achieve a Sustainable Future

for all life in the K2C Biosphere Reserve

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2.5 million hectares of spectacular landscapes, iconic biodiversity and vibrant communities.

Vision: Partnering to achieve a sustainable future for all life in the K2C Biosphere

The K2C is currently running 11 projects with partners across the region linking sustainable development and biodiversity conservation.

Project focuses vary from the expansion of protected areas; other effective area-based conservation measures (OECMs); capacity building of environmental monitors in rural communities; environmental awareness; water security; alien invasive plant clearing, agro-ecology and sustainable land management.

Achievements to date

  • Ranked 11th¬†best Biosphere in the world & best in Africa
  • 958 jobs created in the green economy
  • 74 010 hectares declared as protected areas and 97 621 hectares in the process
  • 14 199ha have been rehabilitated
  • 22 167ha of alien invasive plants cleared
  • 55 Small businesses (SMMEs) supported
  • 52 schools engaged
  • 170 Environmental Monitors in communities and supporting host institutions
  • 25% absorbed into formal employment in the environmental sector.